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Are you a student currently drowning in the ocean that is the HSC? Or perhaps a parent that wants to throw your child a life-ring? If you answered yes, I know the feels.


I finished the HSC year five months ago (though it feels like a short lifetime ago now) and it was nothing like I had ever experienced before.  I was always a relatively conscientious student but the nonstop pressure and expectation of Year 12 was truly overwhelming. It seemed like for those 12 months or so our whole lives were expected to revolve around schoolwork, and the only guilt-free rest we were allowed were the few days following an exam period. But after that, the race was on again.



I would throw together assignments, looking constantly to past students and online resources to just scrape by. The main problem was that I always felt like I didn’t know where to begin, as if there was a mountain of work to get to but I had forgotten how to walk. A plethora of online resources existed with the pure intention of helping HSC students achieve their best. However, these resources were often confusing, leaving me unsure of where to begin, or they were only accessible behind an ambiguous paywall.


With the beauty of hindsight, I can now fairly easily discern what could’ve helped lessen the load for HSC-me. I needed to simply appreciate that every subject is different and therefore requires a unique approach. This would’ve allowed my study method to be ‘quality over quantity’ from the get go. This is one of the areas in which HSC4ME stands out amongst the sea of online resources. It pinpoints what is necessary for each topic and approaches it appropriately.


For example, as English is the only compulsory subject in the HSC, everyone in the state does it. Needless to say, it was a killer for my more mathematically and scientifically inclined friends. Many of my friends worried that English would ‘drag their ATAR down’ and ended up relying heavily on their English tutors to get them across the line. I’m certain that HSC4ME would have been a fantastic resource for them as it not only provides student with a range of exemplar essays from each topic but it also comprehensively breaks down the rubric. With all of the final exam essay questions drawn from this rubric, the result is an intimate understanding of how to approach each question. Moreover, HSC4ME offers students extensive tables, thematically sorted, of quotes and techniques allowing them to develop a more thorough understanding of the texts and craft their own analytical response. For a subject that requires a depth of understanding of the texts as well as the ability to link them to purposeful literary techniques, this approach is for me, undoubtedly the most productive.


On the other hand, subjects such as Legal Studies and Physics, are much more ‘syllabus-driven’ than English. Accordingly, HSC4ME’s resources focus on concise, syllabus-based study notes and easy multiple choice and short answer quizzes that utilise past-HSC questions to best prepare students for the final exam. The site takes this approach a step further by creating a helpfully competitive environment for the students. For example, once a quiz has been completed, students are able to receive their results alongside the top result of a fellow ‘classmate’ as well as the average score of the online cohort. This enables students to gauge their own strengths and weaknesses. As an admittedly competitive person, I appreciate this pairing as it would spur me on to attain and exceed the performance of others. This collaborative aspect also creates a platform for like-minded students to share knowledge and expertise.


For all available subjects, HSC4ME aims to create an engaging and collaborative learning space with online forums (or ‘classroom discussions’ as they are called), regular webinars and feedback from experienced teachers and HSC markers available. The content available is extensive and its quality rich.


In all honesty, my advice for a parent of a HSC student is to talk to your teen. Be a supportive figure. Appreciate the pressure and workload. Take the time to understand their subjects and where they’re struggling. I promise, it’ll be beneficial for both of you.


I’d also encourage your teen to utilise the free trial offered by HSC4ME. This latest technology, developed by highly experienced HSC teachers and markers, can provide your teen with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their best in the HSC. For just $24, your teen unlocks unlimited access to all the quality study notes and quizzes available and is able to develop critical thinking skills – vital to succeeding in the HSC and the world that comes after it! Compared to the hefty price of tutoring, this cost is nothing and has the potential to help and empower your teen (and yourself) a great deal throughout this stressful year!


Amelia Dorey is 18 years old and currently studying a Bachelor of Laws with Arts, Majoring in Journalism, at Macquarie University.

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