Future Vet Kids Camp

6 January, 2020 - 10 January, 2020
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
The Cosgrove Centre, Waverley College, 131 Birrell St, Waverley, New South Wales 2024 , Australia
6 January, 2020 - 10 January, 2020
9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Future Vet Kids Camp

The Cosgrove Centre, Waverley College, 131 Birrell St, Waverley, New South Wales 2024 , Australia


Is your 12-14yr old child fascinated by animals? Do they adore their own pet or long to have one? Have they ever expressed an interest in possibly becoming a veterinarian one day? Future Vet Kids Camp is for the aspiring veterinarian in your child.

If you are after something very specific and totally unique for your tween/teen, then the Future Vet Kids Camp deserves your attention!

January 2020 dates
Two camps: Jan 6 - Jan 10 or Jan 13 - Jan 17

Wombats for children age 9-11 - Both weeks SOLD OUT
Kookaburras for children age 12-14 - limited places still available
Junior Vets for children age 14-16 - Both weeks SOLD OUT

BOOK before 1 October to take advantage of the earlybird discount!!

Future Vet Kids Camp has been held successfully for over 9 years. This 5 day program is co-founded by Dr. Scott Bainbridge who is passionate about inspiring young people who share his devotion to helping animals.

The camp is strongly based on experiential learning and so is very hands on. It encourages not only responsible pet ownership and the profession of veterinary medicine, but also a love and appreciation of animals of all kinds and their habitats.

Depending on the age group, campers will learn about animal behaviour, breed specific diseases, pet nutrition, the basics of ultrasound, how to draw blood and suture and much more! They will also get up close and personal with creepy crawlies, learn about wildlife conservation and animal rescue, and venture behind the scenes at vet hospitals! It’s like watching Bondi Vet - except you’re in it!

The kids learn that patience, perseverance, knowledge and instinct must all work together to complete the task at hand or to arrive at a successful diagnosis.

In particular, the blood draw workshops allow the kids to work through real life medical scenarios; beginning with how the animal initially presents through to a diagnosis and ultimate treatment possibilities.

The camp tends to attract teens who are conscientious learners with a particular interest in animals, science and the natural environment. So while many kids have pets of their own or simply like animals, if they aren't interested in their biology, physiology, husbandry, nutrition, behaviour, etc. then Future Vet Kids Camp might not be the place for them.

Attendees of the Future Vet Kids Camp are exposed to real life veterinary experiences via the unique access they are given to veterinary related environments and procedures. This may either convince them that a career in vet science is worth pursuing or alternatively, decide it doesn’t match their vision. In fact, former participants have been accepted into veterinary science programs at Sydney area universities and both credit their experience at Future Vet Kids Camp as being of benefit when applying.

So if you have a potential vet in the making, check out this camp and book now!

All Future Vet programs are tailored specifically to the ages and abilities of the campers and are intended to educate, inspire and most of all be fun and exciting. Activities are interactive, hands on and creative, and are designed to boost self-confidence and self esteem.

Appropriate staffing is supplied to make sure all campers receive the attention they require and deserve. Group leaders accompany the children to any off-site venues and are instrumental in making sure the children get the most out of every experience.


Applications for one of two scholarship spots sponsored by our friends at PetSure will be accepted until the 1st of November 2019. Visit website (via button above) for more details.


The Cosgrove Centre, Waverley College, 131 Birrell St, Waverley, New South Wales 2024 , Australia