Temples and Markets

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Online, Australia wide, Australia

Temples and Markets

Online, Australia wide, Australia


Temples and Markets brings you ethically sourced, beautiful Fashion Accessories, Jewellery and Homewares unique to the region of SE Asia. We support organisations who are improving their local communities by creating work opportunities and training.

Temples and Markets is an online curated store showcasing unique and gorgeous Home Decor, Jewellery, Bags and Fashion Accessories ethically sourced from Social Enterprises, designers and artisans in South East Asia.

We're all about telling the stories of the products featured in store, and the people who made them. There is a growing worldwide movement and interest in empowering equality through social enterprise. We believe in social entrepreneurship. We believe in promoting quality artisan craftsmanship. We believe in telling the stories of the products and the men and women behind their creation. We believe in empowering you to fill your home and wardrobe with fabulous, high quality items from genuine craftspeople - without contributing to social inequality in South East Asia. We are proud to be part of this movement and that's why we strive to only showcase ethically produced handcrafted products. We are on a mission to make a tangible difference to the lives of the Artisans who hand make the Bags, Jewellery or Decor you'll find in store. We work with Social Enterprise organisations to bring beautiful finds to Australia.

5 FACTS ABOUT Temples and Markets

1. We have hand picked every product on this store and personally sourced the suppliers, designers and artisans who make them. Every product in our store has a story.

2. Our goal is to put emerging designers from South East Asia in touch with a customer who wouldn't otherwise find their product unless they were travelling to the area where the product originates.

3. Over 95% of the beautiful things we sell are handmade which makes each one as unique in it's own special way as the person who made it.

4. We are pleased to be supporting organisations who are improving their local communities by creating work opportunities and training in a craft they can all be proud of.

5. We are an authorised Online Stockist of Zsiska Jewellery, Senhoa Foundation Jewellery and Friends"N' Stuff Accessories.


Online, Australia wide, Australia