Redfern, New South Wales 2016, Australia
Get 8 life coaching sessions for the price of 6!
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Redfern, New South Wales 2016, Australia


As a special, purchase 6 sessions, and receive 2 FREE sessions.

The SELF Project offers life coaching to help, guide and support your teen or young adult through the often-confusing, challenging and uncertain shift toward adulthood.

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My daughter was feeling out of control from her anxiety which caused issues with school work, friendships and how she felt about herself. That’s when I searched for a teen coach and thankfully contacted Caroline from ‘The Self Project’. Caroline’s was just what my daughter needed. She is kind, generous and non judgmental allowing my daughter to open up to her. Caroline is a wonderful mentor who taught my daughter excellent tools to manage her anxiety, how to understand and appreciate different friendships and most importantly how to be kind to herself. She will have these skills for life. I highly recommend ‘The Self Project’ for your teenager. I am so thankful for Caroline and her knowledge."

“She started taking things on board. It’s given her more confidence; she’s more centred in herself and one thing I have noticed; she’s been happier; lighter in her personality, laughing and joking more. Even in her interactions with her brothers. Our relationship is a lot calmer, there’s a lot more willingness to talk genuinely, to interact. The coaching process has been a lot less confronting, friendlier and safer than previous therapy which was a constant reminder there was something wrong."

15yr old:
“I really started to notice within 2 weeks how it was helping me. Arguments with my mum used to be every day. Having a coach helped me progress more. It’s having someone sit down with you helping you go through different alternatives. The win/win strategy has helped benefit both sides. My relationship with my mum has changed a lot. She trusts me a lot more. I can go out with my friends, and do things without her worrying so much. I have more freedom, I got myself a job and a mobile phone. We have a more friendly relationship and she is more supportive. Coaching showed me how I can change or work with who I am, discovering my identity, strengths, weaknesses. It helped with all that.”

Get 8 life coaching sessions for the price of 6!

Terms and Conditions

There is a limit of 1 deal per person. This deal must be referred to when booking the 6-session package in order to receive discount. This deal is not valid for cash back and can only be used once. This deal can not be combined with other offers and is for 8 consecutive weekly or fortnightly sessions . Must be used before 30 April 2020. There is also an intake session cost of $165



Redfern, New South Wales 2016, Australia